Friday, 30 December 2011

Box for Letters and Papers

This is a large box for keeping letters and papers format A5. The lid decorated with images of classic car racing so that it could be a nice gift for a gentleman.

The box is wooden, but looked very dull so I decided to paint the whole box white and then paint faux wood grain. I am rather pleased with the result!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wrap it up!

Sometimes you go to great lengths to create a hand-made gift for friends or family and then another problem arises! How to wrap it so that it would be beautiful and practical, especially if some kind of transportation involved? This is one of the simpliest ways of such a wrapping which could be very handy when it come to present an item of unusual shape. I think an idea came from some Japanese/Korean/Chinese sites, they are great masters of paper crafts!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Tea Box

I like decorating tea boxes, but the blanks are not that easy to find. Last one I made was in rather rustic style, so that I wanted this tea box to look more elegant. What could be better than blue and white then! This is a quite large box and could be used to store various items, not necessarily tea bags!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

It is NOT a candy, it's a giveaway!

I slow down my Christmas preparations and start to pack all blanks and napkins for a storage until next year. The amount of napkins is so unnerving that I decided to give some away! Below you will see the pictures of the napkins I want to give you, 21 in total, amount of each variety in brackets. The rules are simple:
- there is no need to be my "follower", but you need to write a comment with the list of napkins you would like to get;
- anyone could claim up to 7 napkins, only one of each variety;
- it is on the "first come, first served" basis;
- the end of action - Christmas Day, 25 December, but I will try to send all letters as soon as you made your choice;
- your postal address should be send to my e-mail address, AFTER I confirm availability of the napkins;
- if you get less then 7 napkins I will add some of my choice so you still will have 7 items.
I hope it covers everything, go and grab them!

1. Garden birds on the golden background (10)

2. Angels on the red (4)

3. Xmas medallions (3)

4. Xmas stockings (6)

5. Xmas green (10)

6. Xmas greetings in grey (5)

7. Holly sprigs (7)

8. Santa skating (10)

9. Xmas berries(5)

10. Xmas red (10)

11. Frosty holly (8)

12. Red-white design (10)

13. Xmas tree (10)

14. Xmas wreath (2)

15. Xmas flowers (2)

16. Robins (5)

13. Xmas tree&red border (3)

Paper handkerchiefs:

1. Pear tree (3)

2. Garden birds in winter(2)

3. Xmas tree&winter (2)

4. Gingerbreads (3)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Easy Christmas project

It is very busy time before Christmas and quick Christmas projects are very handy. I am going to have a Christmas lunch with three ladies we are doing some volunteer work together. I decided to make small gifts for them - these decorative candles with candle plates.
All you need - a candle, some napkins with Christmas design and a hairdryer!
Tear out or cut a picture you want to fix to your candle. Stick it to the candle by rubbing it by a fingernail. Here you see how it looks - not perfect yet!
Then use a hairdryer (very hot), so that wax starts to melt and slightly seep through the paper. It could be very hot, so use a kitchen glove, or place the candle on some kind of stand. Now you see no boundaries, paper is covered by wax and become a part of the candle itself.
To make it perfect polish the candle with soft cloth.
If you have time you can make a nice candle plate with the same design and make it a set.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Diary and a Letter Stand

It is not only Christmas but a new year is coming. Time to get a new diary. I made a few and want to show this set of a diary and a letter stand in vintage style. To add an aged feel I used a blue patination with golden paint on the diary.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Tray "French Patisserie"

I made this tray a while ago and forgot to show it in a pre-Christmas hectic time...