Monday, 28 May 2012


First dandelions are so cheerful, they are sure signs of coming spring! And later they become weeds and nuisance in the gardens! Mixed feelings exactly as I have about this watering can. I like it partly and I am not happy with it either...
Pict 599a2Pict 602

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Country and Americana

I decided to give you a short break from watching all trays and watering cans! These are two key racks in country style - Americana and ... just country!
I am not very much in Americana style but like the deceptive simplicity of naive American art. Tried to make something remotely similar... Pict 346Pict 346a Pict 347

And a few pictires of my garden. We have a warm weather at last! For those of you who wants to know the names: geranium pyrenaicum; brunnera "Jack Frost"; viburnum "Mariesii" and omphalodes cappadocica. Last two pictures are of flowering hawthorn trees, they are amazing!

Pict 624Pict 625 Pict 625a

Pict 635aPict 636

Monday, 21 May 2012

Tray "Les Roses de Paris"

Last week I promised you more trays and here we are! This is a rather large and shallow tray and difficult to make proper pictures.
If you've seen this decoupage paper you know that a lot of painting around the motive was required because of the tray's size. I enjoyed making it and very pleased with the result. And more trays are "work in progress"! Pict 581a1Pict 581a2

Pict 581cPict 581d

Monday, 14 May 2012

Tray "The Glass of Red Wine"

Today this is a proper tray and it is made to order.
I was asked to make a tray as a present to a gentleman, that is why bottles of wine image (no flowers please!). I am sure you know that I am not very keen on orders (wrote about it many times!), but this one was a real pleasure to make! I enjoyed it so much that I even began to make more trays which you will see soon! Pict 565Pict 565a Pict 565bPict 565c

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tray "Fresh Green"

It's not just a tray, more like a cutlery tray, but I wanted it looks more decorative than utilitarian. That's why I've choosen these cool and fresh green and greyish colours and made very subtle craquelure. I am pretty happy with the result! Pict 535Pict 536b