Monday, 23 July 2012

Magazine Folder "The Birds of America"

In complete contrast to the previous post with an elegant (or pretending to be!) box, I want to show you a very vintage looking (tatty is a word!) magazine folder.

Again I used vintage poster with the images of the birds of American continent. I agree that the decoration of the folder's insides is a total waste of time and effort, but I've got a napkin with a picture of American robin and wanted to use it to keep the overall theme. I add some random craquelure, black specs, some patina on the edges to complete the picture.

Pict 753a0 Pict 753a2 Pict 753a3

Monday, 16 July 2012

Box "House of Orchids"

This is a medium size box from IKEA's set of three.

I liked this napkin and wanted turquoise and grey colours. I played with colours a lot and finished with green patinating was, a very little patina and light gold on edges. Inside is bare wood. I like it actually!..

Pic 7b Pic 7c Pic 7d Pic 7e

Monday, 9 July 2012

New Letter Stand

Due to various circumstances I do very little now... So this is a rare occasion that I can show something new. This is a letter stand rather simple...

I used a scrap paper with Da Vinci's drawings on the front and the bottom panels and added some clock images from well known napkins. Craquelure on the plain panels and on the back helps to tie it all together.

Pict 051b Pict 051c

Monday, 2 July 2012

Watering Can "Hydrangea"

With all this rain watering can are not in great demands unfortunately... But I can't help myself and keep making them all the same! And hope for the bright feature! Pict 670Pict 670a