Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Easter Eggs

Easter is close and there are new decorative Easter eggs!
Pict 306Pict 303Pict 308Pict 318Pict 319

Monday, 19 March 2012

The garden and gardening were and still are my main motivations in decoupage. And it means watering cans and more watering cans! Sorry!..

Pict 270Pict 271

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Spring in my Garden

I have been reminded recently that there were no posts about my garden for a long time. It's true and it's a bit unfair because the garden just starts to look bright and cheerful. Daffodils time!
Pict219Pict 219a8
I have quite a few daffodil varieties. Some names I do not know because they were given to me by a friend. I love them nevertheless, they are so reliable!
Pict 301

These are "February Gold" (flowering later in my shady garden) and dainty "Geranium"
Pict 301aPict 302
This is a delicate scented "Thalia"
Pict 302a

This one is a new addition to my small collection "Cassata" with large lily like flowers:
Pict 302bPict 302c
Of course it's not just daffodils - here is a pulmonaria "Blue Ensigh" with lovely deep blue flowers and viburnum "Dawn".
Pict 303Pict 303a
These hyacinths were forced bulbs once but I planted them out in the garden and they flower every year since. And the last picture is of my favorite spring flower - tiny bright blue scilla siberica.
Pict 303bPict 303c

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Magazine Holder "Roses in Grey"

I like this napkin very much and always wanted to make something with it in a colour palette of grey. I tried it last year on a watering can without much success but didn't give up! I started this magazine folder before Christmas and could not decide what to do for a background. So it happened to be a long project but eventually I am more or less happy with the result. Hope you will like it too!

Pict 260Pict 260aPict 260bPict 260d
Pict 260c

Monday, 12 March 2012

Rocking Horse and Rickety Train

I love images of old fashioned toys like this rocking horse and woodent train, I would use them everywhere! Even on the watering can! The shape of the can is very traditional and the toy's pictures are rather bright so I made a decor very simple just to highlight the beauty of these lovely children's toys.
Pict 280Pict 282

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Spring Giveaway

Spring is in a air and it's time to do some spring cleaning! In my decoupage terms it means napkin giveaway. And all of them are flowers - it Is spring, isn't it? Rules are the same as they were in Christmas giveaway:
Below there are the pictures of 10 kinds of napkins I want to give you, 57 in total, amount of each variety in brackets.
- there is no need to be my "follower", but you need to write a comment with the list of napkins you would like to get;
- anyone could claim up to 10 napkins, only one of each variety;
- it is on the "first come, first served" basis;
- the end of action - Easter Sunday, 8 April;
- your postal address should be send to my e-mail address, AFTER I confirm availability of the napkins. If you have already took part in Christmas giveaway I might still have your address.
- if you get less then 10 napkins I will add some of my choice so you still will have 10 items.
Help yourself!
1. Roses in Blue (7)
Pict 240
2. Sakura in Silver (2)
Pict 241
3. Violets (2)
Pict 242
4. Brown Border (3)
Pict 243
5. Peony (2)
Pict 244
6. Roses in Pink (2)
Pict 245
7. Spring Flowers (2)
Pict 246
8. Grey Chrysanthemums 25x25 (2)
Pict 247
9. Poppies (2)
Pict 248
10.Wild Roses and Lilies(2)
Pict 249

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

CD Unit

I've got this old CD storage unit for upcycling when somebody found it in a garage while doing spring-cleaning. Because of awkward shape I needed large images so I could use a decoupage paper I've bought long ago and had no idea where to put it. I think it does turn out nicely!
Pict 231Pict 231aPict 231b
Pict 231cPict 231dPict 231e

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Decoupage Paradise

If there is anywhere decoupage paradise - it is in Brazil! When I was just making plans for my trip I mainly was interested in products Daiara well-known Brazilian craftswoman Iara Carparo. And here I want to thank Olga Ponomarenko who are going to deal with Daiara products and who provided me with the comprehensive informations. Thank you very much, Olga!
But I would be completely lost in Sao Paulo without help of my dear friend (I hope!) Mercedes Duran and her daughter who not only took me to the craft shops, gave me invaluable advice on all products but also showed me her wonderful works in her atelier. I am so thankful to Mercedes! If you do not know yet HERE is her blog where you can see her beautiful works!
Yes, I've bought some Daiara products but I was surprised how many other firms and labels exist and all are products of Brazilian industry. Now I have materials of three firms at least.
I bought a lot of MDF blanks of which there are huge variety and endless choice. And at very reasonable prices! I was not going to buy but just could not help it!
This is a little haberdashery box with three sticks for holding thread rolls.
And the next is a box with laser cut design on the lid. This design is created by Mercedes!

And this is my decoupage treasure! My main goal was to buy a colourless Goma Laca. I use Goma Laca (shellac) for making craquelure but usualy it is a bit yellowish, even the very best and I had no idea that such thing as colourless shellac exists! It does exist and I bought plenty! What else?.. Primer, glue for napking, fabric and decoupage paper, size for gilding, liners, even some paint!
I was told that in June Sao Poulo hold a large fair of craft products, the biggest in South America. I can imagine!
Some of these materials I have already tried (not all yet!) and very happy with.

Being inspired by Mercedes's works I bought some laser cut decorative details (I wish I got more!)

Some day I went to see other shops which sell products for other crafts such as knitting and sewing. They are endless and huge, and everything is very cheap by our standards! I could not resist and bought a few rolls of ribbons and even lace!

And there are some things which I had no idea what they are for, like this. Do you know what it is for? I didn't! It is for making even dots! If you want to make a lot of dots of the same size you use it! And there is a choice of four sizes in each piece! I am lost for words...

Dear girls! If any of you are interested in any particular product or you want to get some additional information, just ask!

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