Thursday, 1 March 2012

Atlantic Coast

Because I wanted to have a few days of beach holiday we went to a tiny fishing vilage Pauba just off a larger resort Maresias on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. We stayed only 5 days in a small and very comfortable hotel (two buildings across the quiet road, 30 rooms each)
Everyone was very friendly and helpful. A lot of small things such as beach towels, free deck chairs and parasols which could be taken to the beach (or shuttled there by hotel's car), free WiFi internet (which was important for my husband) - all these things made our stay very comfortable and enjoyable.
Beach is wide and often rather deserted. Very green and lush tropical trees, plants and grass - such a contrast to a parched Mediterranean landscape!
I am looking at the water because it has am amazing golden glitter in it! Apparently in surrounding rocks there are a lot of minerals such as a mica tiny particles of which give the water such a glow!

This is a morning, fresh still, no people, just two sandpipers. We saw a lot of birds, lizards, crabs, but managed to catch only this little chap! And we saw a lot of fish. Once I was a bit scared when saw a fin crossing my way while I was swimming!

It is a very small place, actually, but very quiet and beautiful.
People are coming to make pictures of a sunset.

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  1. Необыкновенно красиво!
    Просто райское место! :)