Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bird Park

Bird Park (Parque Das Aves) is located next to Iguacu Waterfalls National Park and we went there on our last day in Iguacu. It is 12 acres of natural tropical forest with a lot of spacious enclosures with many exotic and beautiful birds mainly native to South America. Usually I am not very keen on zoos but here I was really impressed how happy and healthy all animals looked. And very social as well!
Of course a lot of of tropical plants and flowers. And I never thought that monstera plant is actualy a climber!

Chillean flamingo. To bred they need safety of large numbers so there are mirrors on both sides of the enclosure to create an illusion of large flock. And their chicks are true "ugly ducklings"!
Even reptiles were moving around and did not look as stuffed toys.
The most amazing experience was in some huge enclosures where we could walk in and stayed very closed to the birds! Toucans were so friendly that came to us themselves! They are so beautiful and their colours are different!

Another one with the brightly coloured parrots. They liked to fly just above our heads, sometimes we had to dive!

The last one was with the butterflies and hummingbirds. Unfortunately they are so quick we did not make proper pictures!

In the evening we left to Sao Paulo. Then it would be Atlantic coast!

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About monkey. There was only one kind of monkeys in the Park - tiny marmosets. By the way the image of this animal is present on the bank note of Brazilian real. Now two pictures from internet:
20reais 2002 verso11997


  1. Галя, какая красота! Цветы, бабочки, птицы......

    1. Да,Алена, там очень красиво! Жаль, что фотограф из меня плохой...

  2. Как интересно! Прям райский сад :)))

  3. Галя, ты опять подарила нам такуууууую красоту! Я еще от водопада отойти не могу. Конечно, фотки не могут передать всю красоту и глубину падающей воды, оперенья птиц, росы на листочках, но все равно, очень красиво и позитивно!!!

  4. Спасибо, девушки! Завтра покажу пляж (знаю, что нечестно такое в феврале показывать, каюсь!), а потом и к дележу-разбору декупажной добычи приступим!

  5. Какая красота!!!
    Какая экзотика!!!
    Обалденные фотографии! :)

    P.S. Только не хватает «много диких обезьян ©» :)))

    1. Таня, там были и обезьяны, у нас фотографии не получились. Но немного, только маленькие мармозетки. Они и на бразильских банкнотах изображены. Добавила пару фото в текст.

    2. Спасибо, Галя.
      Ты меня успокоила. :)