Friday, 23 November 2012

New Year Diaries

End of year means a new year, a new year means a new diary, it means decoupage! Every year I decorate 3-4 diaries with a very different images, but this one - medieval book illustrations - is always in presence. I bought this paper two years ago in some museum in Munich and use everywhere since. Sorry to bore you with the repeats but I love this paper to bits!

Pict 989 Pict 989a

Of course I can't stay away from a vintage theme! This year it's going to be Americana and Wild West. Hope I haven't overdone ageing!.. Pict 990 Pict 991

Pict 992 Pict 993

Monday, 12 November 2012

New Napkins Giveaway

Xmas is closer and crafters are busier! I decided it's time to do a new giveaway. Set of 10 napkins, 7-10 of each variety to be send to you!

The rules are the same:

- there is no need to be my "follower", but you need to write a comment with the list of napkins you would like to get;

- anyone could claim up to 10 napkins, only one of each variety;

- it is on the "first come, first served" basis;

- the end of action - 12 December;

- your postal address should be send to my e-mail address. If you have already took part in my giveaways I might still have your address.

- if you get less then 10 napkins I will add some of my choice so you still will have 10 items.

Take your pick!


Pict 940


Pict 941


Pict 942


Pict 943


Pict 944


Pict 945


Pict 946


Pict 947


Pict 948


Pict 949

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Tray "Autumn Bouquet"

I was away for a while, then unwell with a cold... Today the weather was more suitable for making photos so I pull myself together and this is a result - finished tray.

I called it "Autumn Bouquet" because of rich colours and subtle hues of the season, that's why shading and craquelure on the tray are very delicate. It feels like autumn to me...

Pict 042a Pict 042b Pict 042c