Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Trug "Roses De Paris"

A new trug, I like this blank!

I use two different napkins to make a background slightly more interesting.

Pict 907a1 Pict 907a2 Pict 907a3

I have one more but I think you deserve a break!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bathroom Set "Violet Bouquet"

I want to show the set of trug and small bucket suitable for a bedroom or a bathroom storage. Somewhere in a feminine retreat anyway...

I didn't paint inside the trug to show that it's made of solid wood (and should be treated accordingly!)

Pict 777 d Pict 777 b Pict 777 c Pict 792 a Pict 792 b

Monday, 3 September 2012

New Craft?

I am back. Not that I was away from home but I was definitely away from decoupage. Now everyone has gone to their homes, my house is empty and quiet and I am sad. But it's a normal way of things, isn't it?

BUT! Having itchy fingers I've tried a new craft! It is wet felting! I know, I promised solemnly that decoupage would be the last craft I was going to be involved with... Anyway I tried to make some felted brooches and I liked it! It's so tactile and warm (winter is coming!). I made a few brooches and a case for my mobile phone. Felt Pict1aFelt Pict2

Felt Pict3

Felt Pict4Felt Pict5