Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Watering Can "Yorkshire Coast"

I saw it in a shop in Moscow (very funny!) and could not help buying it - this decoupage paper with vintage posters of Yorkshire coastal resorts and GNR (Great Northern Railway)!

Because they are vintage images the style was obviously vintage and I've choosen various shades of bluish grey. I like it myself actually, a rare occasion...

Pict 1218 Pict 1220

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Leftovers of festive times

Sorry for the long absence! And many thanks to those of you who sent me lovely letters of concern about my well-being! I am truly touched!

But back to business.

After hectic Christmas time I've found some wooden boards and hearts already primed and decided to finish them instead of just putting them in the loft.

Pict 1195 Pict 1198 Pict 1202 Pict 1203

They might be just ornamental pieces or some decorative hooks, like that:

Pict 1204 Pict 1208 Pict 1207

I think you've noticed that I usually decorate back sides of my objects as well, not only fronts. I know some might consider it waste of time, but I saw many times customers turning objects upside down and looking at the bottom/back of them. What they were looking for? I've no idea, but at least there would be no disappointment - everything is nice and clean!

Do you have different opinion?