Friday, 20 May 2011

Mary Delany and Decoupage

This post is not about the history of decoupage, but just some words about a remarkable woman. Mary Delany (Delaney) was a noble woman of 18th century who at the age of 73 started to create a new form of floral art - “paper mosaics”, as she called it. The tiniest details of flower images were cut from coloured paper, glued on the black or coloured background and embellished with watercolour to achieve the stunning result. Now her works are in collections of British Museum
I am very fortunate to have a possibility to see them as a part of the exhibition
Gilding the Lily , which is held in Fairfax House, beautiful Georgian house in York.
Here there are just a few examples of Mrs.Delaney’s exquisite collages. If you want to see more just ask! Mary Delaney's flowers





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    1. Hi Feri! Thanks for joining my blog and all your nice comments! Your works are lovely, so bright and cheerful! Sorry, I could not find where to leave a comment in your blog...