Friday, 11 March 2011

Blue-white Tray

I like black and white things, but do not feel myself confident enough, because it requires impeccable technique. So I went for monochromatic, blue and white design on this tray and I think it looks great! I really like it!

These blanks with carved handles are a bit tricky, narrowing the choice of motives. But I have already done quite a few, these are my favourites:


  1. Hi Felicity, lovely trays, especially the blue one:). Can you tell me where do you buy these trays to decorate? I live in Poland, we have lots of decoupage on-line stores, but none of them is selling this kind of goods.

  2. Hi,
    The lady who runs the shop used to get them from a certain supplier, but they stop to sell them. I myself have only a couple of such blanks left. Sorry, could not help. You do have plenty of shops in Poland, but they do not deliver to Britain, unfortunately!