Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Back from Brazil

Dear all! You must have noticed that recently I was irregular with answering your nice comments and rather neglecting all lovely blogs I am following. I do apologise for that and promise to catch up with everything, but there was a reason! I was away for 25 days and without reliable internet connection sometimes. I have been to Brazil! My husband is on sabbatical leave there and I came to visit him. It was very interesting and exciting trip and I am going to write some posts about it. It was a holiday for myself but not for him so I needed to get my priorities right. Here they were:
- I wanted to see some of natural wonders (which Brazil has many!) and we went to see Iguazu waterfalls;
- I dreamed of having short beach holiday and we spent a few days at Atlantic coast;
- the final and may be the most exciting part - browsing craft shops and do some decoupage shopping in Sao Paulo.
I will sort out my pictures and write next posts about all this.

If you are interested but prefer to read in Russian this is a link Here
Девочки, кому интересно, вот ссылка на русскоязычный блог, я там буду писать то же, но на русском. Здесь

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  1. Галочка, мечтаю почитать о твоем путешествии и ссылочку для русскоязычных девочек уже сохранила! Жду с нетерпением очень подробный рассказ, особенно про ремесленные мастерские, и много-много фоток :)