Monday, 17 December 2012

Mirror, diary and some tips

I thought, that I've done with Xmas pieces, but my son-in-law asked for a diary... I've made one and want to talk about some tips which you might find useful.

The first point is ageing. Everyone knows that I like vintage items so the matter of achieving ageing effect is very important to me. Usually I use bitumen and other patinations but sometimes they add blur to the image and overall effect could be too strong. Here I decided to age background of the item before I glue the picture. In this case the image stays very sharp but overall effect is vintage.Pict 1010 Pict 1011

Another point is the inside of the covers. I get crackling using shellac/gomma arabic pair and I like to wash off the layer of gomma arabic with water. It means to be very cautious to avoid water getting inside. With this diary I've lost concentration for a moment and ended up with water stains inside the cover. To rectify it I use the napkin again. The best is to use a second layer. Here I use the same napkin.

Pict 1012

And here is a different napkin completely to underline the opulent feel of this diary.

Picture 679Picture 680

And this is a mirror. Nothing special, but I like this napkin! Here again I shaded the frame corners before gluing the napking.

Pict 1015

Pict 1016 Pict 1016a

Pict 1016b


  1. Галочка, как и обещала, пошла гулять по блогам. сколько же красоты вы все наделали! Ежедневник - если бы ты не написала, что делала его сама, я бы решила,что это из сундука капитана дальнего плавания 18 века! Шикарные!!!!

    1. Спасибо большое, вот повезу в подарок, надеюсь, понравится!

  2. Я была в полной уверенности, что написала здесь. Вот ведь как меня закружило))).
    Галя, шикарный ежедневник. Всё до мелочи продумано, даже внутри. Просто браво!